Phyllis Bennis

Why Israel/Palestine Matters (with Phyllis Bennis)

In this episode, Middle East expert Phyllis Bennis joins us once again, this time to discuss why the situation in Israel/Palestine matters. We ask, “How does militarism in Israel/Palestine impact the rest of the Middle East and the rest of the world?” For American listeners we ask, “Does violence and injustice in Israel/Palestine provoke violence and injustice here in America (and vis versa)?” Finally, “What kind of positive impact can someone have on this situation, even from far away?”

Why Do You Call it an Occupation? (with Phyllis Bennis)

In this episode, we call upon Middle East expert Phyllis Bennis to answer our most persistent audience questions stemming from our recent series set in the occupied West Bank. We ask, and she answers, questions like “Why do you call what is happening in this part of the world an occupation? What makes it an occupation and not something else?”